Take your child on a voyage through space… to a star that shares their name!


Here’s a gift your child will always treasure.

Their very own star in the Northern Skyand a magical story, telling them why it will bear their name forever.


Here’s a gift your child will always treasure.

Their very own star in the Northern Sky – and a magical story, telling them why it will bear their name forever.

Personalised story book

Personalised story book


a certificate of registration from Staracle International Star Directory


We're putting your child in the story


This book is perfect for any child up to 5 years – and an ideal gift for special moments, like your baby’s first Christmas or christening.

"This was epic! Our son couldn’t believe it when his name and favourite food came up. He loves that there will always be a star named after him. It’s also getting him into reading more which is a great bonus!"

Sam Green, Barry

Believe it or not...

Believe it or not...

you can try this book at home for 30 days


We know it sounds crazy! Your book is one of a kind, so how can we let you return it?

Well, we want you to love it just as much as we do – so we’ll take all the risk.

Order it now, and try it out for 30 days at home. And if your child isn’t begging you to read it night after night, just send it back.

We'll issue a full immediate refund – and yes, that includes your postage.

It's as easy as 1-2-3

It's as easy as 1-2-3



Choose Your Character


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Dedicate Your Star

We can personalise your book for any boy or girl.
Just choose a figure here to play them in the story.


Ready to Personalise?


Star Book


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We’re all about moments of wonder

Remember those early years?

When the world was fascinating. When we still believed in miracles, and imagination could take us anywhere.


That was the wonder of childhood. A taste of maybe that every child deserves.

That’s why we personalise our stories – placing your child in the pages of their own adventure, where anything feels possible.

It’s all about them.

Because the story is better when you Tell It Your Way!


Your child dreams of flying off into space, and wakes up to see a rocket outside their window. They fly past the moon and through the solar system, to a distant star where they make new friends. As everyone on the star helps to send the rocket back to earth, they discover new ways of working and playing together.

It’s so much fun that they rename the star in your child’s honour… and that’s why the book comes with a custom star certificate!

We recommend this book for children up to 5 years. It's perfect for bedtime stories, and as the child starts to recognise letters and words, they'll enjoy reading it too - with a little help.

We've partnered with Staracle, our favourite place to name a star. When you order, we will ask for your permission to send them the information they need to issue your star certificate:

  • Your name - as the person registering the star
  • Your chosen star name – usually the child’s first name or full name
  • Your dedication – anything you’d like to add, like a special wish

They will not receive any other information you supply to us, including your contact and payment details.

Currently, all stars are registered in the Delphinus (Dolphin) constellation in the Northern Sky. You’ll see the location in a star map on your certificate of registration.

Unlike many star registries, Staracle will only name each star once.

Unfortunately not. Everything is automated to keep our costs as low as possible - so the details you submit will appear in the printed version.

Please note this also means we cannot correct spelling errors or typos. So we strongly advise you to double check all your selections before submitting your order.

Yes! If you're unhappy for any reason, return the book to us within 30 days and we'll issue a full immediate refund. Email tellus@tellityourway.com if you have any questions.

To maintain quality, we print our books in monthly batches. So it could be 5 days or 5 weeks, depending on when you order. (If you’re outside the UK, up to 6 weeks is possible.)

If you’re ordering for a special occasion like a birthday or christening, feel free to get in touch and check delivery times.

Counting down. 3...2...1...

Let’s name your star. Personalise your book. And get ready for
blast off!